How I Got to ED 620

My name is Renee Miller. I am a 7th grade English teacher at Franklin Area School District. I have taught for three years. My first two years at Franklin I was 75% rather than full-time. In an effort to supplement my career I took on the role of Technology Facilitator for two periods a day. In this role I assisted other teachers with the use of technology in their classrooms. I found myself helping with a wide range of things, such as email, SMARTBoards, video conferences, etc. I found that I really enjoyed helping others learn to love technology and have found some great value in its use in the public school classroom. This experience gave me appreciation for the ever-changing world of technology. As a result, when I decided to pursue my masters degree (in order to fulfill my Level II certification, I decided to specialize in technology. That is how I landed in ED 620.

I truly believe my students benefit from their use and exploration of technology in the classroom. I enjoy learning new ways to help them succeed and learn more, while staying on top of the latest technology. I really feel that if teachers do not move with their students and continue learning, we will lose touch with them. I have found that my own use of technology in my classroom has influenced my peers to incorporate more into their classrooms. As I enter my 4th year of teaching, I hope to continue to help others succeed.

Here is a link to my school website, it gives some insight to how I incorporate technology into my classroom:


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