Resisting Change

After reading the blog written by Alan Deutschman, I found some frightening similarities to the education world. One of the things he mentions is how hard it is to change a person’s behavior. He cited health issues, such as smoking and obesity as clearly preventable and yet people still have a hard time changing their behavior to give themselves a better future.

I think this is similar to the way in which teachers resist technology changes in the classroom. Some may jump to conclusions that it is the “older” teachers that refuse the change, but even newer teachers can find themselves stuck using what they are comfortable with or avoiding technology all together because it is too time-consuming or difficult.

While keeping up with technology in the classroom is time-consuming and often difficult, it is much easier if we move with the changes rather than resisting them. Sure, we may only use the newest trend (Twitter, Blogger, etc.) for a few years, but that does not mean our students will not benefit. Our job is to encourage students to be come life-long learners and if nothing else we are showing them that we practice what we preach. Also, if we continue to change with technology as it changes we tend to adapt better.  Similar to Deustchman’s idea that if eating less and exercising promotes better health and that is what we are striving for, then we had better do it. If our goal is to reach students with whatever curriculum it is we teach, and the best way to do it is to deliver it through technology, then that is what we must do.


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