Twitter: Another Look

Okay, so after reading Laura’s blog and finding myself also not sure of how Twitter could be worthwhile, I decided to do some browsing to see how other educators are using it. I found this awesome website with a TON of information: .

Some of the coolest ideas that caught my interest were using Twitter for things like:

  • Collaborating with other teachers, since we all know a common planning time is non-existent
  • Taking polls with students or for classroom contests
  • Daily summaries for parents and students
  • Homework help for students in my class
  • “twittories” a way to create a giant story where each user adds a line

I would be lying if I said that I am rushing out today to post my Twitter link to my school website, but I am definitely considering ways it could be beneficial in my classroom.


One thought on “Twitter: Another Look

  1. Glad you are considering ways to use Twitter in the classroom. I still view it best for collaboration with colleagues across the universe, but some teachers are doing really cool things in their classrooms. Based on what you’ve found in this short time and what I’ve read in your posts, you’ve got the ideas and the drive to be one of them.

    Great post, great blog!
    ~ John

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