Interesting Technology Advancement Videos

The creators of the “Did You Know” videos put out new videos every couple of years. I think they are very interesting and when my students have watched them they really enjoyed them. If nothing else, they really show how much technology is infiltrating our world and how important it is to keep our students (and ourselves) on top of technology.


Not to mention, I find it super interesting to see how much we have advanced and how quickly.  Sites like–a-technology-timeline.aspx and give a pretty good list of advancements, but the videos are more appealing to students. This might not be a bad idea to incorporate into an internet scavenger hunt for students or teachers to appreciate the need for forward movement.



3 thoughts on “Interesting Technology Advancement Videos

  1. At the beginning of each semester, I have my students watch the latest Did You Know video and use it for the topic of their first discussion board. It really gets them thinking about why my class is structured the way that it is and why I am so invested in teaching in a 21st century learning environment!

  2. This is great! You post such great videos Renee. I enjoy reading your blog for the reason that you post interesting videos. I guess maybe shows that I am 21st century learner myself. =)

  3. Those videos are great, but kind of frightening. Just comparing the different versions, you’ll see how even their “predictions” may often me under-predicted. Stuff is changing so fast… Great post, as usual!

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