Webquest: Blog 1 Week 5

     For my final project for ED 620, I am submitting a webquest I have been working on. To me webquest have always been sort of like internet scavenger hunts. One major difference is that usually they submerge students into a project using a real life scenario. Both internet scavenger hunts and webquests definitely have their place. Here are some great webquest resources to check out:


One thought on “Webquest: Blog 1 Week 5

  1. I love the idea of webquests…especially for the younger grades. Providing the students with step by step instructions and the exact websites to go to reduces the amount of questions and increases (or should) independent work by the students. It gives them what they see as freedom to be out on the internet doing “work.” I also like that they are not just searching on Google and finding who knows what!

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