Module 5: Integrating Mobile Technology in My Educational Setting

My attitude on mobile technology has come a long way since my post in August 2011 for Ed 620,  “Cell Phones in Schools”. Since that post, more and more educational technology in the form of great new apps has greatly swayed my opinion in the realm of mobile technology in the classroom.  I did a lot of exploration on my own, but this course has furthered my interest in the benefits of mobile technology in the classroom. I hope to actually implement some of the apps I learned about in ED 610 in my classroom, rather than just experiment with them.

This course has been extremely great at helping me to explore the possibilities for my classroom.  I even said in my post in 2011 (about technology in the classroom) “One that has not been discussed in any technology course I have taken is the use of cell phones in the classroom.” I was hoping a course would come that would truly show me the educational benefits of mobile technology, above and beyond Twitter. This course did that and more. The discussions really helped me to review many apps, without having to spend the time exploring all of them. The exploration section helped me to actually force myself to learn how to use apps for more than just recreation. I can honestly say, this course provided me with tools that I will actually use. I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues.

The only thing I really wish would have been different about this course is that I took it in a full semester. I imagine that more students and more weeks of class would give all of us more great ideas and apps. I imagine this course will be continually changing and growing as more great apps enter the scene. There will most definitely continue to be a need for a course like this in the future.


One thought on “Module 5: Integrating Mobile Technology in My Educational Setting

  1. I’m glad to read you have a positive opinion on the class and what you’ve learned. Five weeks is definitely too short for a class, but that’s what somebody decided should work for the summer. I think you are right that spreading out the content over a longer period of time, especially while you were teaching, could be awesome!

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