Week 2: Photo Presentation

Here is the link to my Photo Presentation:


Also, one downside to using this app is that once you save it, you cannot edit it again. So, here is my citation for the map I used:

“Hasson Park Road, Pennsylvania.” Map. Google Maps, 20 June 2013. Web. 20 June 2013.


Module 1, Question of the Week

MeMy name is Renee Miller. I have been married to my husband Dan for 6 years and we have one wonderful 21 month old son, Benjamin. I am an avid runner and love to be outside.
I am a 7th grade English teacher at Franklin Area Middle School and have just completed my fifth year of teaching. While at Franklin, I have also served as a Technology Facilitator for two years. I am no longer in this role, but it has greatly increased my appreciation for technology. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Education program at Clarion University with a focus in technology. I hope to be graduating in the fall of 2013.
I would describe my experience with mobile devices to be casual. While I have an iPad and a smartphone, you will most likely find me checking Facebook, email or Pinterest on them. I tend to avoid major projects on these devices, as typing tends to be tedious. I did, however, attempt to integrate some iPad use into my classroom this year. I had students use iPads to record videos for projects and share the with one another. I also was able to use the device for review games and MyBigCampus. While there are many free apps, I had trouble finding compatible apps for things, such as a smart board, that were affordable on a school-wide scale.
I chose this class because it meets my graduation requirements, and even more importantly my district is moving towards a BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) policy, which will cause an influx of mobile technology in the classroom. Also, my district just purchased several iPads and set up a media lab for our use. I am really hoping this class helps me to stay on top of the latest educational technology movements, and that it prepares me to use technology in my classroom when it is most beneficial to facilitate learning.